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Amazon's Prime Day is a letdown for iPhone and iPad owners

Amazon's Prime Day is a letdown for iPhone and iPad owners

Deals & Shopping
July 15, 2015

Amazon has been touting its Prime Day for a while, now. At AppAdvice, we’ve been hoping that some of the deals would benefit iPhone and iPad owners. Unfortunately, when the sale finally went live, it was nothing more than underwhelming for iOS users.

A few deals, but nothing major

That’s not to say there weren’t a few decent deals to be had. For example, you could still get an AmazonBasics Lightning car charger for your iOS device at a 16 percent discount. You could also score a sync and charge cable for your newer iPhone or iPad at a decent price through one of Amazon’s Lightning Deals.

Lightning Deals aren’t just specials on the iOS device cables. They’re so-named because they are quick deals, over in hours and usually limited in quantity. For example, an RND Apple-certified Lightning to reversible USB six-foot cable was one of the later exclusive Lightning Deals.

In other deals later on Prime Day, a few more accessories appeared. For example, Otterbox Defender cases for the iPad Air 2 were among the Lightning Deals for the mid-morning to afternoon hours. And then of course, selfie sticks were on sale through Prime Day exclusive Lightning Deals.

What the sale could have been

Amazon seems to have made the focus of the Prime Day sale very broad, with a few products from many different categories. There was everything from pantry items to electronics, board games to Amazon gift card deals.

I would have loved to see the sale focused more on electronics, especially iOS-based electronics. Even a good deal on a television would have been welcome, since I’m shopping for one, but nothing doing. Oh, but if I wanted an iRobot Roomba 595, I could get that for 34 percent off.

How can you get in on the sale

Prime Day requires you to be a member of Amazon Prime. If you aren’t already, and you never have been, you can get a trial membership for free. That will allow you to shop from the Prime Day deals, but you need to remember to cancel your subscription within 30 days if you don’t want to pay $99 for it. To see the full list of Prime Day deals, head on over to Amazon’s web Page for the sale.

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