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Ambitious space exploration game Prevail to land in 2015

Ambitious space exploration game Prevail to land in 2015

Pocket Gaming
July 28, 2015

A massive open-world space exploration game that was placed on hold for 18 months is back in the making. Despite setbacks involved in its development, the game is reportedly scheduled to launch sometime in 2015, according to a report from TouchArcade.

Prevail was first announced in 2011 by two-brother development team Johnny Two Shoes, the men responsible for pirate action game Plunderland. Prevail is a side-scrolling game with a massive scope: you explore a planet, then take off into space and fly around until you find more planets to explore. Each planet has new species and items, and is completely different.

The main problem that the brothers ran into was the scope of the work. Prevail was a massive undertaking, and Johnny Two Shoes ran out of money, so development was halted. One of the brothers decided to take a hiatus from game development, and it seemed like Prevail was destined for nothingness.

Recently, one of the two brothers, Joshua Scott-Slade, posted an update to the Prevail forum thread at TouchArcade. Scott-Slade has taken on development of Prevail by himself, and has already programmed a random galaxy generator that will handle creating the worlds for exploration.

Similar to Minecraft seeds, players will be able to share their Prevail galaxies with others. The game itself sounds fantastic, and the ability to share your galaxy for your friends to play is even better.

See the latest trailer for Prevail below, or click here if the video doesn’t load.

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