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Apple and IBM continue to bring powerful enterprise apps

Apple and IBM continue to bring powerful enterprise apps

Apple + Enterprise
July 21, 2015

Taking on the task of empowering employees in different industries with varying roles, Apple and IBM have announced their next set of apps in the IBM MobileFirst group. These apps will bring data and analytics into easily accessible forms to companies everywhere. With solutions for multiple devices, each will strive to provide efficiencies to make the roles in these industries more effective.

Employee experience

Shift Track (for managers) and Shift Sync (for employees) will provide staffing and scheduling options for both sides of the business; the managers and the staff members. Shift Track for iPad will allow managers to handle time off requests and employee hour tracking. Shift Sync for iPhone and Apple Watch will allow team members to check their schedules, request time off, and respond to schedule changes. Both will include helpful push notifications.

Shift TrackTravel industry

Travel Plan and Travel Track, both for business travelers, will take the hassle out of trip planning. With Travel Plan on the iPhone business travelers can enjoy features such as trip suggestions and approvals, immigration compliance, and integration with calendar events. Travel Track for iPhone and Apple Watch will offer powerful assistance including the connection of other travelers in the group for trip collaboration.

Financial and banking

Load Advise and Loan Track will provide mortgage officers efficiency and better tracking of their clients. Load Advise for iPad will allow users to obtain details in order to recommend appropriate products. Loan Track for iPhone will let mortgage officers keep up with statuses of the entire loan process.

Loan TrackGovernment

Field Inspect for government inspectors will provide routing to the correct agency, a built-in camera for easier documentation, and information on inspection history. Field Inspect will be available for iPad.

Energy and utilities

Asset Inspect for field technicians will make inspections and maintenance a simpler process. The app will provide technicians manuals, specs, and history for more informed actions. Asset Inspect will be available for iPad.

Asset InspectElectronics

Expert Resolve for field service professionals will display historical information and common issues to quickly resolve problems. This app will be available for iPad.

Industrial products

Safe Site for forepersons will have a built-in camera and microphone for better documentation of hazardous conditions as well as alerts of nearby risks. The app will include potential solutions and recommended actions. Safe Site will be available for iPhone.

Site SafeContinued growth

With these new additions to the list, there are now more than 30 apps in the IBM MobileFirst group which also includes the healthcare, insurance, and retail industries.

Image credit: IBM MobileFirst for iOS

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