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Best new iOS gaming round-up

Best new iOS gaming round-up

Pocket Gaming
July 10, 2015

Are you colorblind? Can you use words to create giant bears? And how would you like to kill celebrites with a cat shooting lasers? What the heck are we talking about? Only the best new games of the week. We’re rounding them up and breaking them down right here on today’s AppAdvice Daily. On today’s show we are featuring Colourblind, Alphabear, Dinofour, and ShootingStars!


Have you ever wondered if you’re colorblind? Well this fast paced, challenging game, will definitely have you questioning your color picking abilities. Can you pick the right color fast enough? Probably not, especially if you are in fact colorblind. Here’s how it works. The game will ask you to either pick a word or color associated with the text. The trick is the word is not the same as the color, which performs a total mind flip. So why is this game so darn hard for our brains to understand? Well there is actually a very scientific reason. The name for this concept is the troop effect named for John Ridley Troop, the phenomenon was documented in the 1930s and explained how our brains take longer to process and we are more prone to errors when the word conflicts with its definition. Hmm, makes sense. Overall this game is super fun and addictive, but it’s also frustrating as all heck. But it’s definitely one to try this week.

Next, let’s get our Alphabear on. Looking for a new word game? This might be it, with a painfully adorable twist. How do you play? Create words from the letters on your grid. But, you really want to try and select adjacent letters, because when you do you create a bear, and the more words you create next to the bear the bigger he gets until he explodes. Okay, just kidding about that last part. The bears can actually be used in future levels as special abilities, and the bears can be collected as well. The game ends once no more words can be formed and hopefully by then you’ve reached the goal. Alphabear is currently a single player game only, but we would love to see some multiplayer action in the future. This one is also a free download.

This is a painfully cute retro puzzle platformer that will warm any kid that what was born in the ’80s black little heart. While the look is great it also has some great gameplay, and a lot of it. There are three worlds each spanning across 24 levels. In each level the dinos have to work together in order to reach the egg at the end of the round. Can you do it? Download it and try, it’s $1.99.

Shooting Stars:
Last up is our official Editors Choice, aka Game of the Week, and it goes to ShootingStars! This game takes the cake for most inventive storyline. Superstars are totally aliens right? Well, in this game they are. Yes, I’m talking celebrities that everyone knows and loves. Freaking genius plan, aliens. Luckily one little dude doesn’t buy it and with the help of a sacred rainbow unicorn, a cat that shoots lasers, and a hover board, the little dude fights back to free the imprisoned stars and restore earth to its former glorious state. The game is packed with adorable graphics, funny phrases, and a great soundtrack.


Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

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