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Color your keyboard with your mood using Photokeys

Color your keyboard with your mood using Photokeys

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July 31, 2015

Are you someone who is always switching your device wallpaper or using different app themes for those that have them? Being able customize our phones and tablets brings personalization to them, allowing them to reflect us, our moods and tastes. Released yesterday, July 30, Photokeys lets you change your keyboard with colors from your coolest photos, bringing true personalization to a device tool you use all day long. So, how are you feeling today; soft and subtle or bold and daring?

Photokeys PhotoHow Photokeys works

If you have a photo or even a background saved to your device that has beautiful colors or just your favorite ones, you can use Photokeys to pull out those gorgeous shades. The app will extract the prominent colors and apply them to the keys and text on your keyboard. You can then adjust the shades of the colors if you like. You can also snap a photo to use if you are witnessing a stunning sunset or colorful landscape. Any photo will work.

Photokeys AdjustMore adjustment options

Once you have selected your photo, you can view different moods for it which will slightly change the colors displayed. Bright, indifferent, or dark moods can be chosen and you can look through the colors emphasized before you choose. After you have picked the mood and adjusted the colors, you give it a name to save it and can also go back to edit it later. You can create several keyboard themes to keep in your library and just activate the one you are in the mood for that day.

Photokeys MoodA nice change

Photokeys allows you to change keyboard themes as often as you want, so it is nice to just swap them out at will. The keyboard features emojis and predictive text like similar apps, although it tends to act a bit quirky at times when switching between the two. But, overall this is a fun way to change up your keyboard by creating themes that are just for you.

Photokeys is universal and available for $0.99 on the App Store.

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