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Create and share cool interactive photos with Fyuse

Create and share cool interactive photos with Fyuse

July 24, 2015

If you have ever thought it would be awesome to share photos that others could interact with, then you should give Fyuse a try. You can use Fyuse for photos of objects, people, or panoramic scenery to share with your friends and family. Then, when others view your photos, they will tilt their device or move their finger across the screen to catch that full view.

Fyuse PhotosHow Fyuse works

You will first select the type of photo you would like to take whether it includes people, a scene, or a 360-degree view of an object. You then hold down the button as you slowly move your device around, releasing when you are finished.

Fyuse OptionsApp features

Once you have taken your “fyuse” you can edit it with a variety of options. Trim it, add filters, adjust the brightness, contrast, exposure, and use other settings to get the photo just how you want it. You can then tag people or items, add a location and description, make the photo public to show the app community, or quickly share on Twitter or Facebook. You can also check out community photos in the app and make comments, share them, and follow other users.

Fyuse MainCatchy concept

When I first tried Fyuse I thought, “this is just taking videos.” And, if you save your creations to your Camera Roll, you will see that they are stored as MP4 files. But, what makes this different than a video is that those viewing the photos do not press a play button. They move their device around to see the view you have taken in your photo. They can also move their finger from left to right and back again to catch that same view over and over. So, it really is unique and if the concept catches on, this could be a widely-used app.

Fyuse is designed for iPhone and available for free on the App Store with no in-app purchases.

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