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Drive, shoot and fly to save the world in Trucksform

Drive, shoot and fly to save the world in Trucksform

Pocket Gaming
July 16, 2015

What do you do when the world is about to explode, and horrendously difficult terrain lies between you and the artifacts you must collect for Dr. Brainz’s magma stabilizing machine that will save the planet? You jump in your truck and get to work to save the world. That’s the premise behind Trucksform, a new game that’s rolled onto the App Store.


Four different vehicles

In more than 60 action-packed levels, Trucksform challenges you with difficult terrain, but provides you with four vehicles to tackle the hills, boulders, ramps, and structures blocking your path. The default, an off-road truck, is versatile, fast, and durable. If you need to blast through obstacles instead of jumping over them, use your gun truck. On the other hand, sometimes you need more power than guns to get through the stones and concrete walls, so the drill mode is what you need. Finally, a special helicopter transformation allows you to just fly over some of the toughest obstacles. Each vehicle transformation has its own upgrade path to make them even more effective.


Testing your reaction time

Timing is key to many of the levels, so you need to practice transforming your truck into the right vehicle at the perfect time. Some of the levels are impossible to finish if you don’t get this timing right, so keep practicing and playing until you make it through.


Final thoughts

Trucksform is a fun game, with good arcade-style graphics and awesome background music and sound effects. It offers just enough challenge to keep you interested, but I promise that even the most difficult levels aren’t impossible.


Trucksform is designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and requires iOS 6.1 or later. The game is free to download on the App Store, with advertisements and in-app purchases to buy in-game currency for upgrading your vehicles.

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