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For goodness sake, get that ‘Jumping Cube’ out of the sewer

For goodness sake, get that ‘Jumping Cube’ out of the sewer

Pocket Gaming
July 30, 2015

The poor hungry hamster was crammed into a jar after he was found stealing food. Now he needs to make his way out of the sewer where the jar rolled. What stands in his way are water spouts, spikey objects, and falling forks. In the new game Jumping Cube, you must hop your way to freedom while watching out for dangerous traps.

Jumping Cube PlayKeep on jumping

Tap once to jump and twice to do a double-jump as you bounce from one platform to another. Collect coins and watch out for scary creatures and other hazards as you jump your way to the top. The gooey water at the bottom continues to rise, so you must keep moving and trying to score at the same time. Hop your way up the leaderboard with Game Center support or challenge others.

Coins, gifts, and characters

Collecting coins on your journey means you can purchase some kooky characters like Captain, Stone, and Bibi. Each character has a special power like extra coins, higher jumps, or slower water flooding. The longer you play, the better chance you have at receiving gifts like more coins which can help revive you if you fail. There are also short video ads within the game for reviving yourself.

Jumping Cube PlayPlaying the game

The controls are easy for jumping and double-jumping, but the little cube gets pretty slippery on the platforms. You must tilt your device left and right to get the cube hopping in the right direction. Just be cautious how much you tilt otherwise the cube will plummet to the bottom and you will have to start again.

Jumping Cube is universal and available for free on the App Store. There are in-app purchases for more coins or to remove the ads.

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