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Furious Independence Day boating action comes to Ramboat

Furious Independence Day boating action comes to Ramboat

Pocket Gaming
July 1, 2015

Independence Day is fast approaching, and you need some great holiday themes in your gaming life. Where do you turn, especially when you’re looking for something in an action game? Genera Games, makers of Run, Forrest, Run, have added just what you’re looking for in Ramboat, a game that challenges you to be like Rambo in a boat.


Fast boating action

We aren’t just talking about speedboats here. You start off in the game with a whitewater raft, and you’re armed to the teeth. You need to fight your way through the harsh jungles while enemy troops like paratroopers, bombers, and other boats try to stop you. Power ups along the way bring you more powerful weapons, and you can also upgrade your boat to more powerful vessels as you progress through the game.


Wonderful graphics and sound

The background music is fast and exciting, and the graphics are definitely arcade quality. This is a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat for hours as you see just how far through the jungle you can go. The new holiday content is full of fireworks and beautiful backgrounds, and the game is a blast to play. Get far enough through the game and you can even ride a sea hippo through the raging rapids.


Cut to the chase, Jeff

Ramboat is a great game, full of action and adventure. The challenges keep getting harder, and the game keeps moving faster, the more you play it. Genera Games has produced a real winner here, and I definitely recommend you try it out. There’s even a two-player mode for iPad gamers.


Ramboat is designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and is a free download without any ads. There are in-app purchases to get cash and gems, used to unlock characters, weapons, and vehicles.

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