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Get Mail Pilot free during the Public Preview, then half off

Get Mail Pilot free during the Public Preview, then half off

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July 23, 2015

The Mac version of Mail Pilot 2, a new version of the popular alternative to Apple’s Mail app, is now available as a free Public Preview. Mindsense, the developers behind Mail Pilot, are still hard at work with the finishing touches, but they have decided to open the project up with a free public preview. This marks only the second time in three years that Mindsense has offered free access to Mail Pilot.


Redesigned user experience

The developers have revamped Mail Pilot 2, simplifying the interface and making it a more efficient task-oriented email client. This allows the user to focus on what’s most important. Under the hood, Mindsense has developed new features within Mail Pilot 2 that are designed to make email handling more seamless and user-friendly.

The first such feature is the ability to detect messages that have not been sent by human beings. These emails are collapsed out of view, allowing the user to focus on those emails that were sent by hand, not by automation.

Next, Mail Pilot 2 includes Yosemite-inspired email source list modes and a collapsible message view, allowing different modes of working with email. The compose message experience has also been completely overhauled in the name of making the process more efficient.


What’s it cost?

Mail Pilot has always been paid software, with one previous free offer. The Public Preview is completely free. Additionally, new customers can purchase Mail Pilot 2 at a 50 percent discount at any point during the Public Preview, paying $9.99 instead of the usual $19.99.

If you want to get in on the Public Preview, you can visit the Mail Pilot 2 Web page to sign up. If you’d rather download the original Mail Pilot for now, it’s available on the Mac App Store. You can also download Mail Pilot 2 for your iPhone or iPad on the App Store.

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