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Get your snowboard swishing and soaring in Alto’s Adventure

Get your snowboard swishing and soaring in Alto’s Adventure

Pocket Gaming
July 9, 2015

Have you ever wished you could go snowboarding, but live nowhere near snow or just don’t have the skill needed to stay on the board? Well, with Alto’s Adventure you can swish down the slopes while doing tricks and finally give snowboarding a try. Our own Christine Chan gave a great description in her review of this game when it first appeared a few months ago, but it has recently been updated with some terrific new items.

What’s new with Alto’s Adventure?

The Workshop, where you can obtain items to aid you with the game, now includes a few more helpful tools. Protect your noggin with a helmet, save yourself with a pickaxe, use the horn to trigger more llamas, and get better distances with the wingsuit timer. In addition, you can increase the llama horn strength and upgrade the coin magnet and hover feather timers even further.

Alto's Adventure WorkshopIn case you’re new to the game

Alto’s Adventure is not just an endless snowboarding game. There is an entertaining story involved in which you must catch the llamas that have escaped a nearby village. In addition, the game screens change with different weather and lighting conditions, which adds some extra depth as well as challenge to the game. Score more points by doing tricks and just be sure to check out the goals for each level.

Alto's AdventureAppealing and hard to put down

This game has beautiful graphics that really stand out. But, try to not stare at the mountainous scenery too much or you might hit a rock or miss a jump. Even the game interface for checking out the Workshop and adjusting your settings is smooth and nice-looking. The tricks and jumps in Alto’s Adventure are not impossible, so they really add to the enjoyment of the game. Once you start, it’s a hard game to put down.

Alto’s Adventure is a universal game available for $1.99 on the App Store.

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