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Go away pricey broker, Oliver will find me an apartment

Go away pricey broker, Oliver will find me an apartment

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July 28, 2015

If you have been searching for an apartment in the New York City area and refuse to pay those expensive fees to a real estate agent or broker, then you need to try Oliver. This new app will cut out the middleman making it easy for you to search for and set up appointments to view apartments.

Oliver FilterEasy to use

Oliver has a very simple interface making it easy for you to get right down to business. Filter your options by price range, number of bedrooms, amenities, and pets. When you find a location you would like to check out, just choose the day and time you would like to see it. You will then receive a confirmation so that you can add the appointment to your calendar with a tap.

Oliver AppointmentDirect connections

Since there are no real estate agency interruptions or fees with this process, you will meet directly with landlords and property managers while saving a few bucks. Hopefully Oliver will expand to more cities other than the Big Apple soon.

From Oliver’s cofounder Yossi Shemesh, quoted in a recent TechCrunch article:

All the other players – Zillow, Trulia, StreetEasy, RentHop, NakeApartments – are “lead generation” platforms and their revenue model comes from charging middle men. We plan on eliminating that by becoming the Uber for rental where you actually connect directly, seamlessly with the apartment / landlord.

Oliver MapExpanding would be great

With how easy Oliver is to use, it would be wonderful to see it grow and reach many other cities. Including more types of properties like homes or even office spaces would be a super addition as well.

Oliver is designed for iPhone and available for free with no in-app purchases on the App Store.

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