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Going bonkers at work? Maybe it’s time to ‘Switch’ jobs

Going bonkers at work? Maybe it’s time to ‘Switch’ jobs

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July 29, 2015

Searching for and landing a new job these days can be work in itself. There are many websites like Monster and LinkedIn that can help connect you with jobs and people. But, if you have tried these avenues with no success, maybe you need to hop over to a new tool. Switch is not a new app, but it has had many updates since its launch last year making it easier to use and offering more robust features.

How Switch works

The basics of the app are simple. You set up a profile, which is like a resume, with your work experience, education, and skills. After entering the location where you would like to search, the app will provide possible matches for you. Those matches show up as cards with brief information about the job and company. You just swipe to the right for those jobs that interest you and to the left for those that do not. Your profile is kept private until there is a match and then your details will be sent to the company.

Switch ProfileJobs on Switch

The opportunities presented from Switch cover all sorts of industries and include companies such as Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Gap, and many more. You can easily expand your matching cards to check out lengthier company details including number of employees, available funding data, and a complete description of the job.

Switch Job

App updates

If you began using Switch when it launched and hoped for more, there have been many updates. You can share jobs with your friends who might be searching, receive various email and push notifications, be prompted to expand your location radius for a broader search, and even use Facebook to begin creating your profile.

Switch Settings

Job hunting isn’t easy

Switch provides a nice, light interface that makes creating and editing your profile simple. The way the matches are presented makes obtaining more details or eliminating uninteresting options very easy. If you have been on the job hunt for quite some time with no luck, Switch is available for free and definitely worth a try. You never know what you might find, right?

Switch does not contain ads or in-app purchases and can be downloaded for free on the App Store.

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