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Hate spiders? Then watch out for the Furdemption update

Hate spiders? Then watch out for the Furdemption update

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July 22, 2015

Have you been hard at work helping the Royal Rabbit in Furdemption for the past month? After being released on June 25, the adventure puzzle game will already be getting a nice but creepy crawly update called The Widow’s Den.

Furdemption Hot PotatoWhat is coming

The Widow’s Den will bring 40 new levels to the game’s current 100. There will also be Gamer Center leaderboards and achievements, new items, dangerous bombs, and the rabbit holes will be capable of transporting items. Now for the creepy crawly part, as if you haven’t guessed, nasty spiders are on the way. These fast, poisonous, little monsters will spit venom, so watch out.

Furdemption Poison SpidersIf you are new to the game

This adventure puzzle game has you on an unusual journey with a Royal Rabbit, trying to escape hell. There are plenty of dangerous traps, ugly reapers, and other obstacles in the way of your escape. Take a look at Furdemption for yourself in this video and just click here if you cannot view it.

We love more levels

When you find a game you love, hearing that more levels, items, and other cool stuff are on the way, is always great news. This update looks terrific from the animated images. It is expected to arrive in August, so check back with AppAdvice for updates on its release.

Furdemption is universal and available for $2.99 on the App Store.

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