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Hop your way to the top in Kosmo

Hop your way to the top in Kosmo

Pocket Gaming
July 9, 2015

After an emergency landing from your damaged spaceship, you need to get home. Tap your way through the sky in this fun, new, hippity-hopping game. Kosmo will have you tapping your way to a top score in order to reach the stars.

Kosmo PlayIntuitive gameplay

There are no complicated controls or concepts in Kosmo. You can just pick up and play. You move your little astronaut through the sky by tapping left and right to pop him up, up, and away. Watch out for obstacles, collect coins, and use the clouds to guide you. You must keep tapping to stay afloat, trying to reach the stars. If you hit an obstacle you will start again, but can watch a short video ad to continue if you like.

Game details

The coins you collect in Kosmo can be used to obtain different astronaut characters like Cosmic Dad, Space Pirate, and Galactic Monster. Some characters can be earned by reaching certain milestones. There is Game Center support so you can strive to reach the achievements and climb the leaderboard.

Kosmo PlayFun and upbeat

Kosmo is an enjoyable game with happy sounds and cute graphics. It is fun, a bit challenging, and perfect for a quick game fix. It is the type of game you just want to keep playing, so that your little astronaut can reach the cosmos.

Kosmo is universal and available for free on the App Store. There is an in-app purchase available to remove the ads.

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