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How satisfied are early adopters with their Apple Watches?

How satisfied are early adopters with their Apple Watches?

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July 20, 2015

One of the biggest questions about Tim Cook’s leadership has been how well his first new product will please Apple’s customers. Judging by a recent satisfaction survey from Techpinions and Wristly, it looks like Cook is doing a fine job of leading Apple.

Off the chart satisfaction

Looking at how satisfied Wristly’s 800 members are with the Apple Watch, the numbers are amazing. A total of 97 percent of those surveyed reported being either very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with their purchase. Just 2 percent reported being neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. Meanwhile, a mere 1 percent of the Apple Watch owners surveyed said they were dissatisfied with their wearable device.


Compared with other product launches

What really makes these numbers stand out is the fact that this first generation device is reporting more initial satisfaction than the original models of the iPhone or iPad. The current customer satisfaction of the iPhone is 99 percent, according to Techpinion, meaning that the first version of the Apple Watch ranks closer to the current generation of the handset than the original iterations of the phone or tablet.


More satisfying to non-tech buyers

Techpinion reports a very interesting trend in customer satisfaction with Apple Watch. We might think that tech users would be more satisfied with the device, while those away from the tech industry would report less satisfaction with the smartwatch. However, the opposite appears to be true.

Then I talked with teachers, firefighters, insurance agents, and those not in the tech industry and not hard-core techies. These groups of people couldn’t stop raving about the Apple Watch and how much they loved the product. It was almost as if the farther away people were from tech or the tech industry, the more they liked the Apple Watch.

Satisfaction as an indicator of success

We don’t yet know how many Apple Watches have been sold, but we can derive some idea of the success of Apple’s first new product since Cook assumed control of the company based on customer satisfaction. The fact that 97 percent of the Apple Watch owners surveyed are happy, satisfied, and delighted with their smartwatch would definitely indicate a successful product launch for Cook. Tomorrow, July 21, we should know the exact sales numbers for Apple Watch, along with the rest of Apple’s earnings report for the third quarter of 2015.

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