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Immerse yourself in the 360-degree Google Spotlight Stories

Immerse yourself in the 360-degree Google Spotlight Stories

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July 24, 2015

Mobile storytelling and video takes a giant leap forward with Google Spotlight Stories. Watch amazing 2-D and 3-D mini films on your iPhone or iPad with this app just released for iOS. It will have you spinning in your chair to capture every moment of the 360-degree views.

Google Spotlight Duet

What you can watch

There are currently only a few stories available, but they are very entertaining. You can watch a touching love story, a humorous tale about insects, a surprised town after a meteor shower, and cute mouse with his hat on a windy day.

Who created these stories

The made-for-mobile videos are created by well-known directors and animators like Justin Lin, famous for his work on “Fast & Furious,” and Glen Keane, best known for Walt Disney Animation Studios films like “The Little Mermaid” and “Aladdin.”

Google Spotlight HelpWhy the app is so special

Watching these enjoyable tales on Google Spotlight Stories brings an experience like no other. You will move your device to each side, point it up in the air, direct it down to the floor, and back up again as you follow the characters and the action. It is a full 360-degree viewing experience, with incredible sounds to match, making it both fascinating and mesmerizing.

Google Spotlight Stories specifics

The app is currently available for free as are the four stories, however, this may not last. One story is noted as “free for a limited time,” so getting it quick is your best bet. Remember, these are not full-length movies; they are short stories that last a few minutes, but can be played over and over. Additionally, if you are downloading to your iPad, you will need to search for the app under “iPhone only.”

Google Spotlight Windy

Looking forward to more

The stories are enjoyable, the viewing experience is awesome, and the thought of more unique tales coming down the road is exciting. The app is definitely worth downloading, as are the four stories. I look forward to more amazing creations and hope that they are available with a decent frequency. This is one app I will tell my friends about.

Google Spotlight Stories is available for free on the App Store with no ads or current in-app purchases.

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