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‘Lead Them’ and they will follow

‘Lead Them’ and they will follow

Pocket Gaming
July 28, 2015

Have you ever wanted to lead your own little group of microorganisms to food and away from dangers? Okay, probably not. But, why not give it a try in the new vertical-scrolling game called Lead Them. This unique adventure is challenging and relaxing, but can even get a little chaotic at the same time.

Lead Them Gameplay

Lead Them gameplay

Your goal is to guide your group of tiny round dudes to the glowing food. Just move your finger and they will follow as the screen scrolls bringing various dangers and obstacles. The big circles that grow and shrink will suck up your little creatures, so watch out for those. The slinky, spikey, snake-like critters will do the same, so stay away from them too. Keep your group together and guide them to food to complete the level and continue on.

 Lead Them PlayGame details

There are 40 challenging levels, each bringing its own different set of hazards and obstacles. There is also Game Center leaderboards and challenges, iCloud support, and Facebook and Twitter integration. Finish the levels with as many members of your group as you can or replay a level to try to do better.

Lead Them Level Nice change of pace

Lead Them has relaxing background music and neat sound effects with vibration. The graphics are unusual but pleasing with minimal colors for an interesting microscopic effect. Keeping your group together as you maneuver around threats is the toughest part. Overall it is an enjoyable game that makes you want to keep playing.

Lead Them is universal and available for free on the App Store. There are in-app purchases to remove the ads and buy additional skins.

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