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Left is right in Alice’s Reversed World, a tricky puzzler

Left is right in Alice’s Reversed World, a tricky puzzler

Pocket Gaming
July 16, 2015

If you are up for a very challenging puzzle game that takes you into mirrored realms, then you have to check out Alice’s Reversed World. Move through the levels by figuring out the puzzles to take you to the magical door. Collect coins, float with feathers, and flip the reversed world cards at the right times.


The controls for Alice’s Reversed World are basic; just swipe to walk and double-tap to jump. The goal of each level is to find and make your way to the mystical door. You will use the objects you see to get you to your goal, but how you use them and figure the way out is where the challenge comes into play.

Alice's Reversed World TricksMagic cards

You will use the magic cards you are provided, whose brief descriptions may or may not give you the clues you need, to escape each environment. These cards reverse the current world you are within. Blocks on the right will flip to the left. Feathers on one side will be swapped to the other. It is as if you have stepped into a wacky, mirrored world.

Alice's Reversed World CardsVery intriguing, quite challenging

I was really interested in playing Alice’s Reversed World just by reading the game’s description. The concept is quite intriguing, as is the overall game. The graphics are pretty and the background piano music almost brings some eeriness to the experience. But, I have to say that the game is anything but easy. One tip I can give is that you must experiment with the magic cards to get the full understanding of how they must be used to help you complete the levels. Good luck!

Alice’s Reversed World is universal and available for free on the App Store without ads or in-app purchases.

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