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New Apple Watch Tinder app could let you follow your heart

New Apple Watch Tinder app could let you follow your heart

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July 7, 2015

When you’re looking at photos on Tinder, wouldn’t it be great if you could know your body’s reaction to the image? Developers at design agency T3 think it’s a great idea, and they are developing an Apple Watch app that will allow your smartwatch’s heart rate dictate whether you mark a photograph as “hot” or “not.”

Following your heart

The Next Web says that this upcoming app is “the potential dating equivalent of those unreliable reality show lie detector tests.” I’m not sure I agree, especially if the app actually works as described.

The idea is that the app will use heart rate data from your Apple Watch to decide whether or not you like a potential match. If your pulse increases when looking at a photograph, the app marks it as a match. If your heart rate decreases, it dismisses the picture. In other words, if a picture evokes a physical reaction like excitement, the app considers that person a match for you.

Potential problems

It’s a great idea, but I agree that there might be some challenges to overcome. First of all, a visceral negative reaction would also increase your heart rate, which would lead to false matches.

And, of course, I’ve noticed that Apple Watch takes as long as 20 seconds to measure my heart rate. I’m not sure many people are going to stare at the same image for 20 seconds, waiting to see if their heart says it’s a match or not.

Last, this app would really drain your Apple Watch’s battery in a hurry. There is a reason the smartwatch only measures your pulse once an hour, and that is battery life. Extended use of this sort of hands-free Tinder app would definitely have a negative impact on your smartwatch’s battery life.

Final thoughts

This is a great idea, but I’m not sure the technology is really up to speed yet. T3 hasn’t released the app, so I’ll be interested to see if they get it working properly. I definitely think it’s a cool concept, and could see it revolutionizing the dating app niche, if it works.

Image credit: 9to5Mac

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