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Photo and video downloads are back in Microsoft OneDrive

Photo and video downloads are back in Microsoft OneDrive

Post-PC Era
July 31, 2015

When Microsoft did a major redesign of the OneDrive app earlier in 2015, it removed a handy feature: file downloads. This capability allowed you to download any photo or video from your OneDrive and save it to your camera roll, but Microsoft mysteriously removed the feature. With its latest update, file downloading is back and two new features have been added.

Take your photos from OneDrive to iOS

If you are one of those people who use OneDrive for photo storage, you were probably dismayed at the removal of the download feature. Now that the capability has been restored, you can save any photo or video you wish to your iOS device’s camera roll, and from there manipulate or share it however you like.

Improvements to VoiceOver

The new version of OneDrive brings improvements to the VoiceOver abilities for vision-impared users. After a fair bit of work on Microsoft’s part, vision-impaired users have better capabilities to hear and work with items displayed in OneDrive.

Single Sign-On

Most Google software on the App Store supports the Single Sign-On feature, so you can sign into one program and have it carry over to most of the rest of Google’s suite. With the latest update to OneDrive, that same capability has arrived for Microsoft apps. You won’t have to worry about signing into Word, Excel, or PowerPoint again once you’ve signed into OneDrive.

Getting OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is designed for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple Watch. It requires iOS 7 or later, and is available for free on the App Store. While OneDrive does not have any advertisements, it does support in-app purchases.

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OneDrive - Cloud storage for files & photos
OneDrive - Cloud storage for files & photos
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