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Popular photo editing title Enlight arrives on the iPad

Popular photo editing title Enlight arrives on the iPad

July 16, 2015

There are plenty of choices for photo editing, and Lightricks’ Enlight has been a favorite for many since the app first arrived on the iPhone. Its many tools and filters make it easy to use your handset to turn ordinary images into extraordinary works of art, but there has been one major limitation to the app: it was not available on the iPad. That’s changing with the latest update to Enlight because the app is now universal and fully supports the iPad.

Phenomenal response

Zeev Farbmen, cofounder and CEO of Lightricks, says, “The response to Enlight has been phenomenal, with many telling us it changed the way they take and edit pictures on mobile. The main feedback we got from our users is requesting Enlight for iPad, and today we are answering that demand.” According to Lightricks cofounder Itai Tsiddon, Enlight has surpassed a million paid downloads in just four months, proving how popular the app has already become.


The tools in Enlight are easy to find and use.

Animate your editing session

The update brings more than just universal support. Lightricks has also added the ability to animate your editing sessions, allowing you to capture your creative process and then share it with others.


Updated tools

Lightricks has also upgraded the Heal tool in Enlight, allowing users to seamlessly repair defects and clone parts of an image with even greater accuracy than before. The entire app has also been given upgrades to make the Instafit, Duo Filter, Target, Tilt-shift, Crop, and Refit tools more seamless, enhancing the user experience and making Enlight easier and more fun to use.


Final thoughts

The arrival of Enlight on the iPad has been heavily anticipated, and the final result a welcome addition to my tablet’s photo editing arsenal. Enlight is powerful and easy to use, as I’ve noted in previous App Smackdowns against Filters for iPhone and Pixelmator.

Enlight is designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and requires iOS 8.1 or later. It costs $4.99 on the App Store, with no ads or in-app purchases.

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