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Prepare to create your ‘superteam’ in DC Comics Legends

Prepare to create your ‘superteam’ in DC Comics Legends

Pocket Gaming
July 8, 2015

Anticipated to launch worldwide tomorrow, July 9, DC Comics Legends is the new role-playing, strategy game with your favorite heroes and villains. The game is currently in soft launch for those in New Zealand. For you superhero fans, you can look forward to creating your very own “superteam” and get ready to battle.

Game overview

In order to assemble the best and most powerful team possible, you will be able to tailor your characters so they are prepared for the missions. There will be a unique skill system along with customizable powers and abilities.

Here is a nice preview of DC Comics Legends. Click here if you cannot view the video:

Game graphics and controls

From the looks of the video, the graphics will be amazing for this game. We can expect dynamic cameras and animations that are stunning and enjoyable. The touch controls and turn-based gameplay should make this a fun game to try out.

DC Comics Legends PlayMore to come

We are excited to check out DC Comics Legends and as mentioned, the game is expected to be available worldwide this week. So, check back in with AppAdvice for further news and details, or just to let us know if you download and enjoy the game.

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