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Star a message or mark it spam with a tap using eMail Widget

Star a message or mark it spam with a tap using eMail Widget

Getting Stuff Done
July 17, 2015

We continue to see more widgets showing up on the App Store all the time. From those letting us see our Instagram feed to launchers that can open a message to a favorite contact, your Notification Center is booming with possibilities. Here is another of those widgets that can help you get things done faster and more efficiently. The new eMail Widget app puts basic message management in that convenient spot.

eMail Widget MainEasy setup

The eMail Widget is currently available for Gmail and Google Apps only. Just pop in your email address and password and then activate the widget in your Notification Center. There are no other settings to configure and only one account’s emails will display in the widget.

Basic actions

You will see a list of your unread emails in the display. Clicking on one of them brings up these options: Archive, Star, Mark as Read, Spam, or Trash. You can also choose to Refresh your display with a tap.

eMail Widget ActionsSimple but useful

This widget is limited in the email types and number of accounts that will display. There are also no options for how many emails to show. Updating these few options would be really nice, however, the widget can be useful for a speedy glance at your messages, especially if you are waiting for one. Being able to send an email to spam or the trash to quickly remove it from your inbox is also convenient. Then when you visit your email app later, those pesky messages will already be handled.

The eMail Widget app is universal and available for $0.99 on the App Store.

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