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Upcoming minimalist game Fallen mixes pinball and Tetris

Upcoming minimalist game Fallen mixes pinball and Tetris

Pocket Gaming
July 30, 2015

A new minimalist game will debut at the end of August, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. A mixture of pinball and Tetris, Fallen engages you with matching colored balls to the correct part of a spinning wheel. The game is the product of a trio from the United Kingdom who have formed Teaboy Games.

Evolving worlds with beautiful color schemes

In Fallen, your colored balls fall through a minimalist world scattered with pins to make the balls bounce in various directions. Your task is to catch the balls on the appropriately colored portion of your spinning wheel. As you hit higher scores, the worlds evolve and present even more challenging pin formations that cause the balls to bounce in unpredictable directions.


Use power ups to your advantage

Occasionally, a power up will fall from the top of the screen. These have various effects, such as spinning your wheel so fast that you can quickly rack up points from multiple balls. Another power up slows down time briefly, giving you more time to get your wheel properly oriented.


Minimalist, but not simple

Fallen may have a minimalist appearance, but that does not mean the game is simple. It is very challenging, and a keen eye to the laws of physics is definitely handy to get a really high score.


When can you try Fallen?

Fallen launches on the App Store on Aug. 27. In the mean time, check out the video trailer of the game. Click here if the video does not load.

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