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You’ll definitely lose your limbs in Hanger World

You’ll definitely lose your limbs in Hanger World

Pocket Gaming
July 30, 2015

Swing left, swing right, release, and reattach as your ragdoll self tries to get to the finish line without losing too many body parts. Hanger World is a somewhat action, sort of puzzle game where you control the raggedy guy as he continues to move right to the finish line. There is no doubt you will lose at least one limb on the way and possibly your head too. But, rest assured that you can keep going until there is nothing left but a pile of parts.

Hanger World SwingHow to reach the finish line

You start the levels swinging back and forth and control your movement with the left and right arrows. Tap a button to release your rope and tap it again to reattach it. Keep moving yourself to the right in order to reach the finish line. But, watch out! There are spinning blades, giant hungry fish, and towering blocks that get in your way.

Hanger World FinishRewards you can obtain

As you swing through the levels, you will see coins. Try to collect them so that you can unlock rewards like alien blood, a laser rope, or a gold hanger. These items will make your travels a little easier.

Losing your body parts

Hanger World is comical and not realistic when it comes to losing limbs and spewing blood. Since the graphics are cartoon-like it’s really just little red drops. But, you can turn off the “blood setting” if it bothers you. You will lose arms, legs, and even your head if you hit the object you are swinging from or one of those beneath you. The sharp blades will also take a piece if you aren’t careful.

Hanger World PartsPlaying Hanger World

The music is lively, unlike your ragdoll as he is flung from side to side. This makes it harder in the beginning until you get used to the movement. But, once you are able to master the swings in combination with the release and reattachment of the rope, the game is actually fun. It is not easy, however, there is certainly some challenge involved.

Hanger World is universal and available for free on the App Store. There is an in-app purchase to remove the ads for $1.99.

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