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Add sparkle to your business or personal cards with Glitter

Add sparkle to your business or personal cards with Glitter

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August 3, 2015

Business cards, contact cards, and personal cards give us a way to introduce ourselves to new people and allow us to share the details that we want with who we decide. Glitter – Personal Trading Cards brings a charming and upbeat new style to those “trading cards” so that we can create attractive, useful cards and easily share them digitally.

Glitter Card

Overview of Glitter

This app allows you to create different cards for various situations. Create a business card with your email, company logo, address, and phone for professional contacts. Then, make one that has your name, photo, and social media accounts for new friends you meet. The possibilities are endless to the varying scenarios where you could use these digital cards.

Glitter Bake Shop

Crafting your cards

This is where the fun starts. The app has a lively Bake Shop for putting all of the elements you need on your cards. Just tap or drag and drop the items that you want onto your card. You might start with a background color or one of the built-in photos. Then just keep adding and editing items to get your card looking good. You can change the placement of items along with font style of the text.

When you are happy with your creation, simply share it via email, text, or social media. If you ever update one of your cards after it has been shared, those viewing your cards will see the updates. There is no additional action needed for them to have your most current information.

Glitter GIFs

Creative and easy

Glitter’s interface is attractive and intuitive even though the Glitter Mascot will guide you through the process your first time in the app. Creating cards is extremely easy and enjoyable and they really do turn out well. You can also collect cards from others that use the app and check them out in the Your Collection section any time. Glitter is a great idea and the app is practical as well as fun to use.

Glitter – Personal Trading Cards is designed for iPhone and available for free with no in-app purchases on the App Store.

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