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AppDiscoveries for Thursday, Aug. 6 include Cartoonatic 2

AppDiscoveries for Thursday, Aug. 6 include Cartoonatic 2

August 6, 2015

The App Store coughed up some promising new and updated titles on this first Thursday of August, including:

Cartoonatic 2, iPhone only, free with in-app purchases

adjust speed of your videos

Macphun has introduced an updated version of the popular Cartoonatic app. The freemium Cartoonatic 2 app turns the world around you into cartoons that you can instantly share with your friends.

With Cartoonatic 2, you can record cartoon-like videos in real time with various visual effects. Animated overlays enhance the story, which you can share on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or through iMessage and email.

Elevate – Brain Training, iOS Universal, free with in-app purchases

Elevate - Your personal brain trainer

Apple’s 2014 App of the Year is out with a new update. Elevate 2.2 adds a new game called Division, which helps you quickly split bills, divide items, and more.

Other new features include:

  • Speech Analysis, a new Study material to help you captivate your audience when speaking.
  • Error Avoidance content report, providing definitions of words encountered in the game.
  • 30%+ increase in content for Diction and Pronunciation.
  • Major content additions for Agility, Brevity, Memory, Spelling, and Syntax.
  • British-English support for Spelling.
  • Introduced more difficult gameplay at the highest difficulty levels of Percentages.
  • Increased readability in Comprehension and Measuring.
  • Improved game download time for Retention.

KOI – Journey of Purity, iPhone only, $1.99 with in-app purchases

2015 San Francisco GDC IMGA Best Upcoming Game nominee, KOI-Journey of Purity is an underwater adventure game that takes you on a journey of personal growth with “simplicity and sincerity.”

Bumper Jumper, iOS Universal, free with in-app purchases


In Bumper Jumper, you tap to create bumpers that bounce aliens. Keep they flying to score more points.


  • Randomly placed planets make every gameplay unique
  • Progressively harder the higher you go
  • Gravity flip, mega bouncer, and slo-mo power upsAliens! Unlock them all
  • Aliens! Unlock them all
  • Get saved by your buddies flying a spaceshipOriginal soundtrack by Interrabang
  • Original soundtrack by Interrabang

Bumper Jumper, Cartoonatic 2, Elevate – Brain Training, and KOI – Journey of Purity are each available on the App Store.

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