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Appointments no longer necessary to try on Apple Watch

Appointments no longer necessary to try on Apple Watch

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August 18, 2015

Since the wearable device first launched, you’ve officially needed an appointment to try on an Apple Watch in one of the tech giant’s retail stores. From this week forward, however, Apple Stores are speeding up the try-on process by dropping the appointment requirement. Customers are also no longer required to share their name and Apple ID with the store employee, according to a report from 9to5Mac.

This is great news for anybody who might be out and about, drive by an Apple Store, and decide to stop in to check out the smartwatch. It may also serve to boost sales of Apple Watch, since the purchasing process is much easier now. Of course, anecdotal reports indicate that the appointment process was often ignored, but now it’s official.

If you want to keep track of the types of Apple Watches you try on, you can still share your email address and allow your preferences to be saved to your Apple Online Store wish list. So, you could try on the Space Black Apple Watch, and get a reminder of that selection when you do decide to purchase your smartwatch from the Apple Store app or website.

I’m glad to see the try-on process being tweaked. A commenter on the original 9to5Mac article expressed quite well how I felt about the whole reservation process: “The idea that a customer walking in had to sign up and wait for someone to come over to pull out that silly pad is just insipid.” Now, walk-in customers can receive the same timeliness of service for Apple Watch that they get for any other Cupertino product.

Image credit: Ars technica

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