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Buddypass helps you fill your social calendar

Buddypass helps you fill your social calendar

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August 4, 2015

So, you just moved to a new city to start a fresh chapter in your life, but unfortunately you don’t know a soul in your new town. Don’t wait to meet someone new at the coffee shop or golf course, get Buddypass and find people who share your interests right there in your neighborhood. Chat with them, set up a time to hangout, and go do something you love with someone new who enjoys what you do.

Buddypass Chat

Buddypass process

Buddypass offers a simple setup process where you begin by choosing your interests or hobbies, which can be updated at any time. There are many choices from sports to gaming to exercising. Then just click on one of your chosen activities to see others nearby who like what you like. View their profile and tap to have a chat with them. Make sure that your own profile is looking good with photos and a short biography as well so that others can see how awesome you are. Take a look at Buddypass in this video and just click here if you cannot view it:

App features

You can browse through announcements on the main feed as well as group invites for events near you. You can add friends from the list of nearby people provided and also choose Facebook friends or contacts. App settings allow you to select the notifications you would like to receive and you can update the distance for how far you want the app to reach out for those new connections.

Buddypass FriendsEasy to use

Buddypass has a simple interface and makes connecting with new people an easy process. The wide range of interests is good and you can drill down some activities to get more specific. For example, instead of just picking “sports” you can choose golf, basketball, rugby, and other sports. Please note that the app requires you to sign up with your Facebook account. Additionally, it automatically pulls in your Facebook profile photo along with other pictures. Except for the profile photo, the extra pictures can be rearranged or deleted.

Buddypass InterestsYou can get Buddypass for your iPhone on the App Store. It is currently available for free with no in-app purchases.

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Buddypass - Meet People in Your Area with Mutual Interests and Hobbies
Buddypass - Meet People in Your Area with Mutual Interests and Hobbies
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