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Circlestances tests your strategy, reflexes, and timing

Circlestances tests your strategy, reflexes, and timing

Pocket Gaming
August 17, 2015

If you think that your reflexes are pretty fast and your timing is really good, then try your hand at the new game Circlestances. With a simple concept of overlapping circles, just tap to score. But, be careful because if the circles bounce away from each other and are not connected when you tap, it’s game over.

Circlestances StrategyGameplay

There are two circles on the board and your job is to tap the screen when they overlap. The more they overlap, the higher your points. These circles bounce around and rebound off of the sides of the screen, so you must be ready when they connect.

Circlestances TimingGame modes

There are four different game modes in Circlestances. In the 30 seconds mode, you just achieve as many points as possible with limited time. In endless mode, you continue playing until you make a mistake. In time mode, race against the clock and get more seconds for every successful tap. Finally, there is hardcore mode which is basically extremely fast gameplay.

Circlestances LuckTests your reflexes

In Circlestances you need to keep your eye on the circles and be ready when they overlap. Since they bounce around in different directions, this can be difficult. But, at times you can see that they are about to connect, so have your finger ready to tap. The game is simple, challenging, and fun at the same time.

Circlestances is universal and available for free on the App Store. The 30 seconds game mode is available for free, while the other modes cost credits which can be earned or obtained from watching video ads or making an in-app purchase.

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