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Discover and create with awesome music on Vine

Discover and create with awesome music on Vine

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August 28, 2015

The popular social video app Vine is finally bringing some beats to the scene. In an update today, August 28, Vine fans will be able to discover new tracks and create seamless loops with a new feature called Snap to Beat.

Music on VineHow to use Snap to Beat

Add that great song to your vine by tapping the music note icon on the Details screen. You can then check out the Featured Tracks or tunes recently added to include with your video. Vine will then decide how much of that song is needed for a perfect loop and trim your video to fit.

Vine add musicOther music features

You will be able to edit your audio separately by turning off the Snap to Beat feature. You can then decide how much audio to play and where to play it in your vine. To discover details about cool songs you hear on Vine, just tap the music note on other videos and find out a little more information about the tune.

From the Vine blog:

To bring Vine’s influence on music to life, we recently worked with Billboard to add Vine to the Billboard Social 50 chart. Now, popular music Viners will be surfaced to an even wider audience.

Popular update

The new Snap to Beat feature bringing vines to a new level will certainly make users happy. Discovering more about the songs you hear on Vine will also be a terrific way to find a new sound to enjoy. This Vine release appeared on the App Store as I was writing this, so be sure to update your app today.

Vine is designed for iPhone and available for free on the App Store.

In other recent news, Beats 1 boss Ian Rogers has left Apple and Hit the ground running with the updated Runkeeper app.

Image Credit: Vine Blog

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