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Don’t lose your apps, 6 terrific ways to keep them organized

Don’t lose your apps, 6 terrific ways to keep them organized

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August 25, 2015

You downloaded three new apps last weekend, but where are they? Did you move them to certain screens? Did you put them into folders? You use too many screens and have so many apps that you can never find anything you need when you need it. Maybe this sounds extreme to some of you, but to many people this is the norm. Whether you have 30 apps or 300, accessing what you need easily is key to enjoying your device.

One of the best reasons for owning an iOS device is the amount of choices for apps and games. There are over a million apps on the App Store to pick from and experiment with. So, we want to help you figure out the most effective way to arrange the apps you have and will continue to get.

Let the chips fall where they may

After downloading an app, leave it where it lands. If you do not move anything, each screen continues to fill as you get more apps. So obviously, if you downloaded an app yesterday, you know it is on your last screen. Adversely, if you purchased an app the second you bought your device, then you know it is on the home screen. This form of organization for apps may not be a way to keep things straight for a lot of people (me included). But, knowing many who use this method, I can say that it actually does work for them.

Apps Where They LandKeep like items together

One of the most common methods for arranging apps is keeping similar items together. Whether you choose to use folders or group them onto the same screen, this is an obvious way to organize. You might prefer folders labeled Social Media, News, and Finance, each one holding their themed apps. Or, maybe you would like different screens for each theme instead of folders, which works too. Whichever way you go, keeping apps together that all fall into the same theme is a good way to find them quickly.

Apps by Theme, Games

It’s as easy as A, B, C

An ultimate organizational method is alphabetically. Whether you leave the apps stand alone or put them into folders that become part of the alphabetical form, this is one sure way to find the app you want easily. Now of course, if you are a more visual person and recognize an app’s icon over its name, then this method will not work well for you. But, for those who know those names, it is a great way to keep everything neat and tidy.

Apps by AlphaIf you have already accumulated hundreds of apps and do not want to take the time now to arrange them this way, you can do it quickly with your settings, but you must be careful if you use this option. What it will do is arrange your home screen apps per the default layout, rearrange the rest of the apps you have downloaded alphabetically, and also remove all of your folders. So, be aware of these changes before choosing this option. If you would still like to try it, click the Reset Home Screen Layout option in your General settings.

You know what you want, when you want it

Most of us use our home screen for the apps we use most often, which makes sense. However, you could easily organize all of your apps this way, by screen. Your home screen might have your email, calendar, and to-do list apps because you use those several times per day. Then, your last screen may contain apps you only use once in a while like your QR code scanner or keyboard apps that have been installed. Arranging your apps according to how often they are used is an overall easy method.

Apps by FrequencyFor those who like everything in order

Another way to organize your apps is in the order which you use them. This is different than arranging them by frequency. For example, maybe you are a creature of habit every morning. You check your email, then your calendar, then your to-dos, and finally the weather before getting ready for the day. So, arranging your apps in the order you use them, especially on your home screen, is very convenient. This may not work well if you have 500 apps, however, but if you combine it with the frequency organization method it would work well.

Apps by UseCertain apps, specific days

One last form of arranging your apps that might be just the ticket is by weekdays, week nights, and weekends. If you use your device regularly for school or work, then keeping those apps neatly together for the weekdays all on one screen will give you quick access. If you are used to checking social media, opening your cooking app, and then setting your alarm in the evenings, put those on the next screen. Finally, add the apps you only use on the weekends to the last screen, like your restaurant finder, movie app, or travel companion. You can easily organize these into folders for each screen, so plenty of apps can fit on each one.

Apps by DayWhat’s your favorite method?

Do you let the chips fall where they may or do you not only use folders, but alphabetize the contents of each one as well? Or, maybe you are like me and combine a few of these methods. Remember, not every method works for everyone. So, if you have some helpful ideas for arranging apps, go ahead and share them with our readers in the comments below.