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Dress smart for the weather with the updated Swackett

Dress smart for the weather with the updated Swackett

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August 3, 2015

Are there times when you would like your weather app to go that extra mile? Maybe you would like some awesome updates with bonuses that make you want to open the app for more than just the forecast. Well, this is Swackett. Providing a lot more than just the temperature, Swackett gives data regarding lifestyles, clothing, and even health conditions affected by your local weather. Updated today, August 3, the app goes even further.

Swackett MainNew Swackett items

The app has added a Nuevo Peep series with tons of clothing ideas for all sorts of weather. Suggest an outfit or share a peep for a chance at winning free items like T-shirts and gift cards. The Dog Walking Comfort Index has also been revamped, so get Fluffy’s leash ready for when the weather is right. The Nuevo editions and dog walking feature are both available in the Notification Center widget for added convenience.

Swackett WidgetExisting features

Swackett was already full of useful and entertaining features. Of course, you can see your local weather conditions, forecast for the next five days, and radar maps with satellite views from AccuWeather. So, for the actual weather, Swackett has it covered. In addition, the app offers Lifestyle and Health Indices, so you will know at a glance if weather conditions are good for outdoor sports or arthritis sufferers. You can also check out “this day in weather history” for some interesting trivia.

Swackett OptionsGreat information, smooth interface

Swackett is just an all-around cool weather app. The bonus features make it light and enjoyable to use. When it comes to local conditions, it provides the basics you need and also delivers necessary alerts for serious weather warnings in your area. There are also pretty decent settings for customizing your display.

Swackett is available for free on the App Store and is ad-supported. There are in-app purchase options to remove those ads or buy additional editions.

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Swackett® — a Different Kind of Weather App
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