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Express a Heap of style and share it with the world

Express a Heap of style and share it with the world

Digital Communicator
August 17, 2015

You have style. Whether it is fashion, food, or art, your style is yours and you should share it. The new app Heap – Express More lets you do this in a really unique and easy way. Just combine a “Heap” of media conveying your style into one post and then share it for all to see.

How Heap works

You can create wonderful Heaps and post them in the app to show off your own mini-magazine. You can also share Heaps via text, email, or your favorite social media site. Check out what’s trending for great ideas and then follow those that you enjoy to keep up with new discoveries.

Heap TrendingHow to create a Heap

You can create a Heap using any type of media, which makes it flexible and fun. Use fancy photos, pull in cool videos, write your own inspiring words, and add some snazzy audio. Rearrange your different pieces just by shaking your phone. You will see your awesome items change in layout, so that you can display them exactly as you want. Then, tag your Heaps to become an influencer and get noticed.

Heap FollowCreativity made easy

Heap lets you be totally creative by combining your media types. Your post can include different items so that you may see a few photos, a video, and some motivational words all in one package. Having them in a unique layout makes them more visually appealing and putting Heaps together is very simple to do.

Heap – Express More is available for free on the App Store without in-app purchases.

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