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Go on a digital treasure hunt with Atrapara

Go on a digital treasure hunt with Atrapara

The World Around You
August 28, 2015

If you and your friends are looking for something really different to do, how about a treasure hunt? With Atrapara you create what’s called a Drop in any location. Add a fun message and then when your friend opens that Drop they will see it. They can then edit the message if they want or just leave it alone.

Check the map for Drops

With a very simple interface, Atrapara places everyone’s Drops on a map. So, just check out the map for other Drops close to you and see what messages they might contain. It might be a way to discover something or someone new in your area.

Atrapara MapWhat can you say in your Drop?

The short answer is, anything. Maybe you want to create a drop for your friend that includes a discount for a restaurant. Or, perhaps you want to leave a love note for your sweetheart. You can create whatever message you want in your drop for your friend to find.

Interesting concept

Atrapara does have a good concept and the app could be fun for that digital treasure hunt. There is a two-hour “cooldown” between creating and opening Drops, however. This means you have to wait, which is kind of tough if you really are making a game out of it. Plus, there is an in-app purchase option to remove the cooldown for $0.99. But, if the cooldown time is not an issue and you just want to try something new, Atrapara might be just the thing.

Atrapara CooldownAtrapara is universal and available for free on the App Store with the in-app purchase option.

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