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Immerse yourself in nature with the upcoming Barmark

Immerse yourself in nature with the upcoming Barmark

Pocket Gaming
August 4, 2015

If you are exhausted playing endless runners, difficult puzzles, and action-packed shooting games, then the upcoming release of Barmark might be just what you need. Prepare to relax within the sights and sounds of nature in this new game where you will change the world around you.

Barmark PlayGame details

Barmark is a point-and-click game of discovery where players will change the game’s surroundings. At the start of the game, Archanimals will be selected to live in Barmark. Those animals will look to you to turn on hidden machines that will change the environment. Since there are different combinations using these machines, the surrounding changes can vary bringing many possible outcomes to the game.

There is no ultimate goal and you earn no points. The game is geared towards creating “harmony and personal perfection.” Here is a preview of Barmark and just click here if you are unable to view it:

Barmark launch

Stormhatt Studios, an indie game company based in Sweden, has already released Barmark for Android with a $2.99 price tag. The expected launch for iOS is this week, according to the company’s latest tweets on the topic from the end of July.

Barmark on TwitterLooks promising

With the premise of a peaceful experience, Barmark sounds like a relaxing and calming game. One would assume that the graphics and sounds will be engrossing and captivating in order to enhance the entire experience. If you are looking forward to trying out Barmark as well, check back with AppAdvice for updates on its release for iOS.

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