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Increase your knowledge with curated Declara collections

Increase your knowledge with curated Declara collections

Post-PC Era
August 20, 2015

The Internet holds abundant potential for researching topics and acquiring information, but a major problem can be getting the information properly curated by topic. If the research you’re looking for is buried in all of the memes, animated GIFs, and Internet porn the Web is cluttered with, you might just give up. Heaven knows you can’t just rely on Wikipedia, so where can you turn to? There’s quite a bit of promise in Declara, a new title on the App Store.


The concept of Declara

Ramona Pierson, the founder and CEO of Declara, explains how the app’s Open Knowledge Engine solves a real problem with information availability:

The sum of all human knowledge is available on your phone, but it’s impossible to consume it if it’s not curated. Declara’s Open Knowledge Engine solves that problem. With our mobile app, Declara provides personalized content that is already one step ahead of your question.


One platform to inform them all

Declara indexes and analyzes content from anywhere on the Web, allowing users to curate, annotate, provide context, share it with their colleagues and teams, or collaborate inside the documents and videos. It provides a beautiful collection of online content, indexed by various topics or “Collections.” You can follow collections, individual users, or specific titles. The CEO of Declara seems quick to follow people back, which shows a great amount of care for the success of the app.


A minor hiccup for English-only speakers

Currently, there is one minor problem with Declara. The app includes a wealth of information, but it appears to have many more articles in Spanish than in English at present. If you only speak English, you might find yourself scrolling a bit until you get to content you can consume. Now that the app has launched in the United States, though, I would expect the amount of English content to greatly increase.


Getting the knowledge

Declara is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and is available for free on the App Store. It does not use ads or in-app purchases.

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Declara - Discover, Collect, and Share Knowledge
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