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Let your family automatically know when you’re Leaving Work

Let your family automatically know when you’re Leaving Work

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August 18, 2015

Do you have a long commute from work and like to let your family know when you’re heading home? Or, do you often leave the office late and text your spouse so they know you are on the way? Well, now there is a handy new app called Leaving Work that will do this for you. The app will send these messages for you automatically when you leave your job. You don’t have to lift a finger.

Leaving Work MainHow the app works

Leaving Work is very simple to set up, especially because you only have to do it once. Just enter the recipient’s phone number, your message, and the time range when you normally leave work. The app will then use your location to determine when you are leaving and send a text message to your recipient.

Leaving Work MessageOverall thoughts

The idea behind Leaving Work is a truly good one and the fact that it is easy to configure is super. However, there are a few updates that would make it even better. The ability to choose one or more people from your contact list instead of entering a phone number would be terrific. Also, the app takes three days to recognize your work location, so it really cannot be used right away. Having the ability to enter your work address manually upon setup or having it detect your current location where you could set it as “work” would be good options to have.

Leaving WorkLeaving Work is available for iPhone on the App Store. This is a free app, so give it a try and let us know what you think.

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