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Let your friends find your secret messages with Traces

Let your friends find your secret messages with Traces

The World Around You
August 3, 2015

We take photos, videos, and notes of places that we have visited. We share them via email and social media with friends and family. With an interesting concept, Traces allows you to attach those photos, videos, and messages to actual locations for your friends to pick up themselves.

Traces DiscoverWhat is Traces exactly?

The app allows you to create what are called “Traces” by taking a photo or video at a specific location. You then send that Trace to one of your contacts and wait for them to collect it. Your friend collects the Trace by visiting that location and zapping the bubble that appears on their iPhone. Once they have collected it, they can view and listen to the message you left there for them.

Here is a peek at how Traces works and just click here if you are unable to view it:

What can you use Traces for?

This app has an innovative concept and could be fun for a type of scavenger hunt with friends, where each Trace is a clue to another one until the final goal is reached. It could also be used for playful, romantic messages where you leave a trace for your sweetie at your favorite restaurant or hangout. By checking out other user’s Traces on the map, you never know what entertaining, informative, or exciting messages you might find.

Traces BubbleCreating Traces

The process is pretty simple for creating your Trace. When you are at the location just select to take a photo or record a short video. Customize the message that is sent letting your friend know a Trace is available and then wait for them to collect it. You can also create Public Traces to share with other users. The app could be really enjoyable if you can get your friends to join in for a new kind of hide-and-seek.

Traces is designed for iPhone and available for free with no in-app purchases on the App Store.

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