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Let’s get that Party!Party!Party! started

Let’s get that Party!Party!Party! started

Pocket Gaming
August 17, 2015

Yes, you heard right – it’s time to party with a truly cool, super fun, lively puzzle game. The recently-released Party!Party!Party! brings a fresh concept and upbeat theme to the average puzzle game genre. So, just join hands and dance to the wild beat.

PartyPartyParty WinGet the party started

Your whimsical mission in this new game is to get all of the colorful dudes to join hands in order to have a rocking good time. Each little guy has a different number of hands and all of those hands must be joined together with others for the party to begin. The cute party people will sit there with their eyes closed until you start connecting them to others. Then, when they do start to connect, you will notice that they begin grooving to the music. Once everyone’s hands have been joined and the party people are all connected, you move onto the next level.

PartyPartyParty StartDon’t get distracted

You will likely love the hip lingo at the start, funky music throughout, and resulting happiness when the party begins. But, do not let that fool you because this game does bring its challenges. As mentioned, all hands must be joined to pass the level. Some of the character’s hands cannot connect with others and you will notice this when you try to make them join. When this happens, you need to try to grab someone else’s hand instead. So, you could quite possibly have almost everyone holding hands and then have to disconnect some to connect with others. But, at least you know that when you are successful all of the dudes will be having a great time.

PartyPartyParty PlayLittle extras

As you move through the party levels and locations, you will earn items to customize your party people. So, you will be able to adorn your main character with awesome headphones, a cool haircut, a nifty hat, and even some big red lips. Keep it fresh and change their look when you unlock more amusing accessories.

All-around good time

Party!Party!Party! is a breath of fresh air to the puzzle genre. The game just makes you want to keep playing. It is as challenging as it is energetic and a really enjoyable way to pass the time.

Party!Party!Party! is universal and available for free on the App Store with in-app purchases.

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