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Miss your friends? Meet with a Pixcall and sync photos

Miss your friends? Meet with a Pixcall and sync photos

August 3, 2015

Maybe you are traveling or have moved thousands of miles from your friends and family. You can get together easily with a new app called Pixcall. Set up a photo shooting event and get ready to see some terrific shots that you can save and share.

Pixcall Take PhotoHow Pixcall works

Pixcall is a photo messaging type of app where you take photos at the same time as your friends and family by creating an event. At the time you choose, your invitees’ cameras will snap photos at the same moment. You can then see pictures from everyone one at a time or in a collage. Then comment, save, and share those great shots. Photos are deleted automatically in 24 hours, so be sure to save those you love.

Other fun stuff

In addition to regular events, send a Challenge invitation to your buddies. Dare them to do some harmless activity that is bold or silly and then share the photo within a certain time frame. Set up a Miss You event if your honey is too far away and get together with Pixcall for something unique. The app even provides handy notifications to remind you of your events.

Pixcall ChallengePixcall is designed for iPhone and available for free with no in-app purchases on the App Store.

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