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Nico Gerard integrates Apple Watch with its Swiss timepiece

Nico Gerard integrates Apple Watch with its Swiss timepiece

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August 5, 2015

And now for something completely different. Luxury Swiss watchmaker Nico Gerard has lifted the curtain on its contribution to the smartphone movement. Unfortunately, what the company has unveiled is possibly the dumbest idea I’ve ever seen. Nico Gerard’s Pinnacle series of watches combine the Swiss timepiece with Cupertino’s smartwatch in an extremely awkward fashion.


The Swiss-made timepiece

The Pinnacle, Skyview Pinnacle, and Sunrise Pinnacle are each designed to exacting Swiss watchmaking standards, utilizing the NG2824 movement. This watch movement is a certified chronometer with a self-winding bidirectional rotor, featuring functions for the hour, minute, second, and date. The movement in each Nico Gerard timepiece undergoes 15 days of rigorous testing by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC), the independent Swiss chronometer testing institute. The watch must demonstrate precision in various orientations and under extreme temperatures in order to receive certification from the COSC.


Combined with Apple Watch

On the opposite side of the Swiss timepiece, you’ll find an Apple Watch. This is where things get really weird and, in my opinion, rather stupid. I’ve seen plenty of people wear their watches on the underside of their wrists instead of the top, so I don’t have any problems with Apple Watch being worn in that orientation. What baffles me, however, is trying to figure out who would actually wear such a contraption. I know that I wouldn’t.

Press-037JPG-Sunrise PINNACLE-1080SQ-1-ISOviewClosed

Beautiful, but still dumb

I’ll give Nico Gerard credit, they have designed a beautiful complement to both Apple Watch and their own timepiece. However, the idea of wearing two watches at once just doesn’t appeal to me, from a practical standpoint or a comfort perspective. After all, what if the two watches aren’t perfectly in synchronization with one another? Nico Gerard makes no mention of any interaction between the two timepieces, simply calling the watches “technology-driven luxury timepieces that are innovative modern classics.” As for comfort, I cannot imagine having a watch face on either side of my wrist being at all comfortable.

Press-043JPG-Sunrise PINNACLE-1080SQ-7-SideViewClosed

I suppose if you want to buy a gift for someone who can’t decide between wearing a Swiss watch and an Apple Watch, the Nico Gerard Pinnacle might be a terrific option. With an expected delivery time running from six months to a year, you should definitely take the philosophy that it’s never too early to start holiday shopping seriously. If you do choose to preorder a Nico Gerard timepiece, expect to pay a minimum of $9,300 with $200 of that due when you reserve your model. If you opt for the Sunrise Pinnacle, you’ll pay a reservation deposit of $500, with a total purchase price of $112,000.

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