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Put your matching skills to the test in RainbowTail

Put your matching skills to the test in RainbowTail

Pocket Gaming
August 11, 2015

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of match three games on the App Store. How do you find one that puts your matching skills to the test while also giving you something a bit more unique to play? One way is to add various pets to your team of gem matchers, to help you solve the puzzles and rid the world of the dark sludge overtaking it. That’s exactly what Rainbowtail does.

Darktail wants to strip the world of color

Early on in the game, a creature named Darktail tricks you into freeing it from its prison of brick walls. Once freed, the evil beast threatens to take away the rainbow, ridding the world of all color. Darktail’s sludge is everywhere, and you have to match like colored gems to clean up the mess.


You do have some help

Along the way, you can summon pets to help you clean up the dark sludge. Each one has unique powers, and can do various things with the gems on the board. Once you summon a pet, you have to activate it by matching it with gems of the same color. Then you can sit back and watch the pet blast away gems in different ways and patterns.


Customize every game

King Bean occasionally lets you summon a special pet, which you can add to your team. Once you have enough unique pets in your stable, it becomes easy to customize your team for maximum gem matching and sludge clearing.


Final thought

RainbowTail is a different spin on match three games, and worth a play. The game is designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and requires iOS 6 or later. You can download Rainbowtail for free on the App Store, and the game does not have any ads. It does, however, use in-app purchases for buying gems used to get new pets.

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