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Review: Carved’s Slim Wood Case for iPhone is impressive

Review: Carved’s Slim Wood Case for iPhone is impressive

August 28, 2015

If you’re looking for a unique and special case for your iPhone, then you’ll want to check out Carved’s offerings.

The Facts:

Company: Carved
Product: Slim Wood Case
Price:  $34.00
Compatibility:  All iPhones from iPhone 4 to current models, plus other devices
Colors:  Natural wood tones
Date:  Aug. 28, 2015


Carved’s products are hand-crafted from real wood in their shop located in America’s heartland.  They set out to bring the natural beauty of wood to our technology and they’ve succeeded in a big way. They were kind enough to send me one of their Slim Wood Cases for the iPhone 6 to review, the Emily Jane Flower Fade.

Carved Emily Jane

The case snaps on easily, and the clear polycarbonate adds minimal bulk to the phone. The wood appears to be inlaid right into the polycarbonate. The ombré pattern of the wood and the engraved rose is gorgeous, and unlike any phone case I’ve seen. The cut-outs for all buttons, toggles, ports, plus the camera and flash are sufficient for unencumbered use. The entire top is cut out, though I’m not sure why because there aren’t any buttons on top of the iPhone anymore. The entire bottom is cut out as well, but with all the ports there it’s easy to see why.

This is a slim case, and as with almost all slim cases, I would say its protection level is medium. Still, the case seems to be pretty protective, except for one thing: the lip of the case isn’t quite flush with the front of the iPhone. In a perfect world, the lip of the case would come up over the front of the iPhone just slightly, but the Carved case does not. This means that when I set my phone on the table face down, as I often do to show off the design of the case, my screen is in direct contact with the table’s surface. I have a screen protector on my phone, so it’s not a huge deal for me. But if you don’t have a screen protector, I wouldn’t recommend placing the phone face down since the Carved case doesn’t prevent the screen from touching the table’s surface. If this is an issue for you, I would still recommend taking a look at Carved’s site. There are many other case styles, some of which offer more all-over protection.

Every case is unique, so even if you order the same case, it won’t look exactly like mine. In addition to the Emily Jane Flower Fade, there are quite a few other designs. You can even customize a case, designing it right on their website or uploading your own art.

Bottom Line:

Despite the lip of the case not coming up over the iPhone’s screen, this is an excellent quality case. It truly looks and feels like art; the craftsmanship and style is top-notch. If a slim case is not sufficient protection for you, Carved offers many other options. There is something for everyone who likes the look and feel of wood. The Slim Wood Case for iPhone 6 in the style Emily Jane Flower Fade is $34.00. Prices range from about $24.00-$49.00 for most of the iPhone, Android, and iPad mini cases; the all-over solid wood cases cost substantially more depending on selected style and materials.

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