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Review: WatchPops add a burst of fun to your Apple Watch

Review: WatchPops add a burst of fun to your Apple Watch

August 25, 2015

Are you looking to add some personality to your Apple Watch without purchasing another watch band? WatchPops might be the answer.

The Facts:

Company:  WatchPops
Product:  WatchPops
Price: $12 for one, $22 for two, $40 for four, $54 for six
Compatibility: Any Apple Watch with a Sport Band or similar third-party band
Colors: Varied
Date: Aug. 25, 2015



WatchPops started life as a KickStarter project. Now that they have successfully attained funding, WatchPops can be purchased online. So what are they, exactly? Inspired by cufflinks, WatchPops are buttons made from black or silver anodized aluminum, perfectly sized to pop into the holes of the Apple Watch Sport Bands.

WatchPops ship with a tiny metal clip, called an e-clip, that you can use on the back of the band to secure the WatchPop in the Sport Band. I have found the clip really isn’t necessary, as the WatchPops are a perfect fit for the Sport Band and they stay in place for me. But the clip also allows you to secure the WatchPop to any third-party band with similar-sized holes, even if the holes are slightly larger than the Sport Band.


I received two styles for review, Pineapple and Moonbeam. They popped right in and stayed put. I even took them on a field trip to Niagara Falls, right into the mist beneath the falls.

I like the personal touch they bring. They lie pretty flat against the Sport Band, so they don’t catch on anything. I thought the underside would be uncomfortable since it protrudes under the watch band, but I actually can’t feel it at all. Even with the e-clip in place, I feel nothing. This surprised me because I’m sensitive to small discomforts and like to wear the Apple Watch pretty snugly.


In addition to the two I tried, there are a handful of other trendy styles from which to choose so far. Future models include gold, crystal, and design-your-own WatchPops.

The Bottom Line:

These are fun, and I enjoy adding a pop of style to my plain Sport Band. WatchPops are available in seven different styles. They are $12 apiece; two for $22, four for $40, or six for $54.

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