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Stow away the clutter and use Weather Simple

Stow away the clutter and use Weather Simple

The World Around You
August 26, 2015

When it comes to your current conditions or weekly forecast, sometimes simple is better. If you like a no-nonsense, attractive app, then Weather Simple – Clear, Concise Forecasts is for you. Get the basic weather details you want with a smooth, clean interface.

Weather Simple is just that

Enable your location and see your current conditions, boom, easy. Just scroll down to open your hourly forecast or see what to expect for the next week, for both days and evenings. You can see the wind direction, humidity percentage, and precipitation chance at a glance.

Weather SimpleOther features

A nifty feature of Weather Simple is the change of color per temperature. The app shows red for hot, yellow for warm, and blue for cold. This adds a little pizzazz to the modest interface. You can also add different locations and see details for other towns just by swiping. Weather alerts for your area are also displayed prominently at the top and are clickable for further information.

Weather SimpleDe-clutter your weather

Weather Simple really is what it says. You can get the weather information you want without a bunch of radar or satellite maps, heavy graphs, or details that you do not need. Clear, uncluttered, straightforward, ad-free weather details is what this app provides.

Weather Simple – Clear, Concise Forecasts is designed for iPhone and available for $1.99 on the App Store.

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