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Travel your way to a drawing with GPS-A-Sketch

Travel your way to a drawing with GPS-A-Sketch

The World Around You
August 31, 2015

Go for a walk or hop on the bus to create a kooky, bizarre drawing with GPS-A-Sketch. With the look and feel of the good old original Etch A Sketch, this new app draws the picture for you as you travel.

How the app works

When you are ready to head out the door, just tap the knob to start the drawing. You need to travel at least 100 feet or so to draw the line. Then, simply click the knob again when you are done with your trip. See what kind of goofy drawing comes out of your journey.

GPS-A-Sketch Make a game of it

You can see other people’s drawings and press the play icon to see them as they were being drawn. Log in with Facebook or Twitter and post your sketches. Then, let your friends try and figure out where you were by giving a few hints.

GPS-A-Sketch Interesting concept

GPS-A-Sketch does have a unique concept. The drawings really are reminiscent of the classic sketching tool we all remember. What kind of sketch can you create with your next trip?

GPS-A-Sketch is universal and available for free with no in-app purchases on the App Store.

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