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What if you could share just OneMinute with the world?

What if you could share just OneMinute with the world?

August 19, 2015

You are sitting on your patio, eating lunch at a café, or just relaxing with a movie. Suddenly, you hear that “ding” on your iPhone. You grab the phone, take a photo of where you are or what you are doing, and share it with everyone anonymously. This is OneMinute – One Magical Moment, the app that lets you share a brief moment with the world.

How OneMinute works

Once a day you will receive a handy notification. You then have one minute to take a picture. You can then submit the photo or retake it if it stinks, but you still only have one minute. Finally, just share your fancy photo with the world. Again, everything is anonymous, so you do not know whose pictures you are seeing and no one will know which ones are yours.

OneMinute ImagesCheck out great scenes

You can look at other photos from around the world, each tagged with its location. You can also like or comment on pictures that you enjoy. Now, the photos are not full-sized, but more of a small strip. But, that’s okay because you can see just enough. The other neat part of the app is that you can view images from nearby with just a tap. Recognizing a snazzy shot from someplace right in your town is cool and each photo shows the date and time it was taken.

OneMinute CommentsTag, you’re it

OneMinute sort of feels like the childhood game of Tag. You get pinged and then it’s your turn to take a shot. You never know when you will receive your notification, so that just makes it kind of fun. The interface is super easy to use as well. To comment on a photo, just swipe right and to flag it as inappropriate, you swipe left. You can also see a list of your own OneMinute photos.

OneMinute NotifyOneMinute – One Magical Moment is available for iPhone on the App Store for free. So, give it a “shot” and let us know what you think.

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