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Who says adults shouldn’t color too? Recolor encourages it

Who says adults shouldn’t color too? Recolor encourages it

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August 27, 2015

If you were one of those kids who had a big tub of crayons and new coloring books every week, then you probably never really grew out of enjoying coloring. Recolor is the new app that lets you go back to those days of creativity and fun. This coloring book for adults brings imaginative relaxation to your mobile device.

Detailed illustrations

Recolor offers many different drawings to choose from for your next great masterpiece. You can choose from animals, florals, mandalas, and isometric designs. Just choose your illustration and get ready to color inside those lines.

Recolor DesignsPick your colors

After choosing your design, you can pick from many different color palettes. Switch between them to add vibrant, vintage, or serene colors to your pictures. Just select the color you want and tap the section of the illustration to color it in.

Recolor ColorsScreen controls

If you decide you want a different color in a certain spot, just choose the new one and color over it. Or, if you are not sure, you can tap to remove the color and start again. There is also an undo feature which is helpful and you can move the picture around on the screen or zoom in to get those tiny spots.

Complete your picture

After you are done coloring your design, you can apply a finish over the top of it. Choose from shadow, shiny, pencil, or crayon finishes for your work of art. You can then save it, share it, or even go back to make changes.

Recolor FinishEnjoyable app

As someone who always loved coloring, I think the app is a terrific idea and couldn’t wait to try it. Since the screen is so responsive when you choose to color an area, you have to be careful if you decide to zoom in and out because the color might pop in where your fingers are on the design. But, you can hit the undo button or tap those areas again to remove the color. Zooming in is pretty necessary for those small areas, however, that does not take anything away from the enjoyment of the app. It provides a creative and relaxing way to pass the time.

Recolor is universal and available for free on the App Store. There are in-app purchases to unlock more illustrations, but the app comes with three per category.

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